Wait And Scene is back! It’s summer! What could be better? NOTHING.

Summer is hands down the best season of the year for so many wonderful reasons; too many to list in one tiny blog post. So, instead of being my usual positive self, I’ve decided to be a negative Nancy and tell you about the five things I HATE about this time of the year. I truly hope that you hate some of these things too!

1) Talking to my Neighbors

I like being the mysterious,  seemingly single girl who’s never home. Unfortunately/fortunately now that it’s summer it means more chill time outside in the sun and my mystery fades with each passing day. Can’t a girl just read, listen to weird music, and day-drink in peace? When you have neighbors, chit chat about the weather, gardening, and their children is inevitable. “Oh little Tommy scored a goal in last nights soccer game? So exciting!!” I’m too young for this ish…

2) A Lack of Leather

The summer weather is generally too hot for leather. This is a problem as leather makes up half my wardrobe. Now I only have my winning personality and cut-off jorts to show how cool and “bad” I am. Hmpf…

3) Rompers

We walked into a concert the other day and one of my girl friends exclaimed, “Urgh, looks like it’s Romper season again.” Rompers actually look cute on some girls (emphasis on SOME) but I hope we can agree that this is a pretty ridiculous clothing concept. Do you love to get nekkid in dirty public restrooms so you can do your biz? Well, you’re in luck because now there’s a clothing item that allows you to do this every time you have to go! And maybe even pee on your whole outfit if you’re lucky! Perfect.

4) White Sunglasses

Haaaay, what’s up, cool guy? I see you with your frosted tips and customized, lowered civic with the spoiler. Do these sunglasses come with a neon party tank and an offensive Native American head dress in some sort of music festival combo deal? I bet you totes hit up PacSun before ‘chella and ‘roo. Generalizations ARE my specialty…but really, speaking from personal experience, dudes who choose white as their sunglasses color o’ choice are always Ds.

5) Flip flops

No, just no. When temps drop the general public feels the need to toss aside all sensible footwear and replace it with cheap pieces of plastic that cling to their feet with a little more plastic. Flip flops become the new wear-me-errrywhere staple. This concept is every podiatrist’s, and my, worst nightmare. There is definitely a time and a place for flip flops: at the beach, on a boat, showering in public, walking to a pool…notice a trend? All these locales involve water. I do not care to see your troll feet walking down the city streets, at a restaurant *gag*, in the public restroom *double gag*, or at a concert where your feet could be smashed by my sensible footwear in one fell swoop. Your feet are one tiny wedge of plastic away from beer, so much dirt, vomit, and ALL OF THE POO. It’s gross. You’re gross. Byyyyyyyeeee.

This playlist is dedicated to all the things I love about the summer that I didn’t mention in this post and these five things I totes hate. Enjoy!



P.s. Who is Jack Garratt? He’s only put out two tracks on SC and I’ve been completely obsessed with both. Unhealthy number of replays.

P.p.s. Hayley of W Darling has the voice of an angel.

P.p.p.s. Please note I rounded out the playlist with my theme song, “No Romance.”



I imagine that you all clicked on this post because you thought, “Oooo what guy? Is she interested in someone? How exciting! Wait, what about the above picture? Maybe he hurt her feelings?” Well boy did I fool you because there is NO ONE making or breaking my heart… but I do appreciate your optimism and subsequent sympathy. #foreveralone

This particular playlist is actually dedicated to a random old man I walked by on the street the other day. Hey don’t make it weird, this man was in his late 70s. He was strutting (at a snail’s pace, mind you) while rocking the same badass black leather moto jacket that I was wearing at that very moment!!!…only a much cooler vintage version with just enough patina for me to imagine what it must’ve looked like in its prime. I’m sure that jacket and its wearer had a lot of fun in their wild youth and this chance run-in on the streets of small town Oregon gave me hope that badassery doesn’t have to fade with age. I truly hope that I can be that granny still wearing all of the leather even when sans-a-belt pants and velcro shoes are a lifestyle necessity. About fifty years from now someone better tell Ethel and Bertha to spruce up their retirement home jawnery because I’m going to have moves that Del Boca Vista won’t be ready for.

Now that you know the story, I’m sure you’ll all agree that my “play on playa” head nod just wasn’t enough street style recognition so this playlist is dedicated to that guy and his rad leather jacket.



P.s. A lot of amazing more mainstream tracks also came out this week but I like to give you the tracks you may not have heard elsewhere. If you haven’t heard them yet, go check out the hot new tracks from Lykke Li and A$AP, Robyn and Röyksopp, Twin Shadow, and the new album from Iggy Azalea…or you could just follow my SoundCloud and see Wait And Scene like and re-post all these tracks as they happen!


R. Kells is right, I’m ’bout to have me some fun.

So it’s the second weekend in April and I’m not at Coachella but that’s okay, Vice told me that basic b*tches love Coachella and I have a bad b*tch reputation to uphold. Also, even the nighttime weather in Indio isn’t appropriate for leather so what’s the point really?

Oregon has been pretending to be Cali this whole week and no one is complaining. It’s been 70+ degrees and sunny everyday so I’ve been overwhelmingly happy. I’ve been wearing less black on black, my penchant for witch trap has all but vanished ($T▲Y Ha†in’), and these positive vibes have allowed me to discover so many quality tracks this week. I’m going to keep this entry hella short so I can get back outside but feel free to listen to these tracks on repeat while you enjoy this beautiful weekend and quite possibly pop cristal in the stretch navigator.

Bounce bounce bounce.




As per usual, March has been MAD REAL. It’s the best month of the year because I barely work my real job, I go to #alloftheshows, and most importantly I get to spend more than a week in my personal heaven, Austin during South By Southwest. Just like last March, I briefly fell off the blogging map and off the proverbial wagon of my normal life but I’m back in Wait And Scene action just in time for this month of new music. Before I move on and get back to the reality that is April, I’d like to reflect on the 10 random things I learned in my second year at SXSW:

1) The best looking guy at the party will likely turn out to be the performer on stage. Conversely, if a guy is dressed like a mini-van driving dad who’s only missing a cell phone holster, he could also be the lead singer of one of the biggest buzz bands at South By. Dadcore!

Smoking cigarettes is still the most disgusting and least attractive thing a person can do. I would wake up every morning raspy and stuffed up thanks to you fools. In the words of Reggie Watts, “I love cigarette smokers. They look like time travelers from the past where they didn’t know any better about health.”

 I could live on a steady diet of tacos for all meals as evidenced by me consuming tacos at least once a day in Texas. Shout outs to Tochy’s Tacos and ChiLantro for killing me softly with their noms.

Confidence and good conversation skills are key when sneaking into shows using a person’s badge who is not of your same gender. I would NEVER do such a thing but I assume this is the case. *wink*

Some of the best connections you make are in those long-ass lines or when using the communal day party sunscreen. Sun protection and conversation, what better way to bring people together in the hot sun? … Oh free, cold booze? You’re right, that IS better.

Speaking of which, when drinks are free you suddenly become a fan of things you’d never drink otherwise. “Why yes I’ll take two of your strong vodka and blue Curaçao beverage that looks like vintage airplane toilet water and reminds me of my 18th birthday.” Yum.

Vice was right, people do A LOT of drugs at SXSW. As someone who isn’t/never has been in that scene, I think I’ve always been a little clueless about who’s using… but when someone sneezes and then says “Dammit!!”, I totes know what that means.

Bucket hats are menswear must-haves in 2014. Dust off those 90s era Tommy H joints!

Odd Future concerts are the most terrifying. When possible, always observe from ABOVE the mob. Also if you see good looking group of boys at said concerts, talk to them early or you may look back to see them all bleeding from the face (True Story).

It’s easy to fall in love with new places and the people that call these places home. Even though my real life in Oregon is  amazing, I really didn’t want to leave ATX when my vacation ended. I can’t wait to see you next year at SXSW, beautiful people of Austin!

Now in typical WAS style, this playlist has nothing to do with the subject matter and everything to do with the fact that these are 10 great tracks I’ve recently discovered. Levels to this ish …


I’m commonly one of those jerks …

If you’ve uttered things like, “I have his first EP from ten years ago.”, “I was a fan of them when they were still called ____.”, or “I saw them at a small bar in North Dakota and they blew my face off.”; First of all, quit living my life and talking like me. Second, I think we could be friends. Third, you’re totally a music jerk too.

As you’ve probably noticed from past playlists, I’m into a wide range of music and I’m always hoping that there are at least one or two tracks each week that everyone can jam to. Within the last couple weeks, I’ve gotten really into Witch Trap a.k.a. songs with artist names and track lists written entirely in wingdings. I can hardly wait to meet someone new so I can answer the question, “What music are you into these days?” and watch this person, “Cool. Cool. Cool.” with shifty eyes and back away slowly. The reality of life is that being next level means sometimes freaking people out. Do not ĐΣSP∆IR, I’ve made PΣ∆CΣ with it.

This track list doesn’t include any of those Wicca beats but I’m am mixing it up for Wait And Scene Playlist 7 to allow you to listen some other less intense songs that I’ve discovered so far this year. They aren’t all new artists but they’re new to me in 2014 and I hope you’ll hear some things you like. A whole 20 track playlist with artists you may have heard of, but probably not!

Press play, wait ten seconds for the first track to start, and GΣ† DΣΣP IN MY ╫Σ▲D,



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