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This week’s 10 songs that I listen to that you’ve probably never heard of…


Are you feeling up to another Wait And Scene playlist? Well, you got it, dude! Here is a list of ten songs that I’ve been listening to lately; I’ve been digging a lot of really chill, often repetitive, and sometimes weird tracks. To quote a guy I met one night at the Doug Fir Lounge, “Most people just don’t understand the next level tunes that you and I listen to.” He was a real gem (read: good-looking idiot) and he liked interesting music. I dedicate this list of “next level” jams to you, brah.

1) ViLLΛGE Edit of Neon Hitch – Gucci Gucci

I’m sure all of you have heard the original rap-version of Gucci Gucci by Kreayshawn. It is terrible and catchy-as-hell, but this version is way more my speed. Neon Hitch is an English singer currently living in London and ViLLΛGE is an electronic producer from Romania; He’s definitely on my very long list of ‘ones to watch‘.

2) Cyril Hahn Remix of Destiny’s Child – Say My Name

90s me, likely rocking feathered bangs, neon snap bracelets, and a Hypercolor tee, is very pleased with Cyril Hahns incredible remix of this Destiny’s Child classic.

3) Thomas Azier – Angelene

Thomas Azier is an electronic music artist, based in Berlin, who gives us this perfect going to bed song… I assume I’m not the only one who falls asleep to epic, electronic soundscapes.

4) MMOTHS feat. Young & Sick – For Her

This one is just plain beautiful! Thank you, MMOTHS. I can’t wait for the upcoming Diaries EP set to be released on March 5 through SQE Music.

5) Vondelpark – Dracula

Since I don’t want to wake you from your dream state just yet, I present this layered, dark, and unworldly track by Vondelpark. Dracula is the first single off their new LP titled Seabed which is set to be released March 2013 through R&S Records.

6) PVNDV – Take Me

Wake up! You’re having a nightmare about Draculas and the soundtrack is this song! PVNDV have labelled this song’s genre as Witch. I didn’t know that was a thing but if any song fits that genre, this song is it. Muhaha…

7) Ta-ku’s Remix of Sango – Owe Me

A couple weeks ago, Sango remixed the 1999 Nas feat Ginuwine song, You Owe Me. Now, Ta-Ku remixed that remix (it’s super meta stuff) and he included everyone’s favorite pneumatic device, the air horn. I’m not mad at it and I hope you aren’t either. Back it up x 100!

8) Earl Sweatshirt – Chum

Earl Sweatshirt is a beast! I’ve been listening to Chum everyday since its release a couple weeks ago, which says something about me…that I’m “feeling hard as Vince Carter’s knee cartilage is”? Well, yeah, always! …but I also just really dig that piano beat and Earl’s story-telling lyrics.

9) Amtrac’s Remix of Viceroy  feat. Ghost Beach – While Were In Love

I liked the original song by Viceroy featuring Ghost Beach when it was released last week but I LOVE Amtrac‘s remix of this song. Vicerory remixed Amtrac’s song, Those days, a couple weeks ago so now Amtrac is returning the favor; it’s electronic remix etiquette!

10) La Boulangerie 2 (S∆nto) – Love Cake

Love Cake is the standout track from the album La Boulangerie 2 by La Fine Equipe & Friends. The soul sample combined with beats by S∆nto makes me feel happy and what more could I ask for in a song?…An album title that isn’t French, you say? How RUDE!



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