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10 more songs that I listen to that you’ve probably never heard of…


You’re telling me that I promised you a ten song playlist every single week!?  “OOPS, DID I DO THAT?“, said in my best high-pitched, nasally Urkle voice. That’s a tall order, but a promise is a promise so Wait And Scene will deliver.

Unfortunately, I don’t have any CHEESE (obscure Family Matters reference), but I do have ten of the illest tracks from around the world!

1) Ryan Hemsworth Remix of Mikky Ekko- Pull Me Down

When the song Pull Me Down by Nashville singer-songwriter Mikky Ekko came out a month ago, I will couldn’t stop listening. His voice! Those lyrics! Produced by the ever amazing Clams Casino! It was all too much. Today we got a remix of this beautiful song by 21-year-old Canadian producer, Ryan Hemsworth. As he often does when he remixes, Hemsworth somehow manages to make this song even more special. I’m dying over here…

2) Brandon Fletcher – North Hollywood

Brandon Fletcher is a name that you probably don’t know now but I have a feeling you will pretty soon… This Harlem-based rapper released a dope seven song EP called Braille back in October and he gave us a taste of this song on that EP. This week, the entire new track called North Hollywood was released and it didn’t disappoint. The Pretty Woman intro and Dave Chappelle sample halfway through are killer. This song is about a girl from Miami who’s struggling to live the Hollywood lifestyle. Is it a totally far-fetched story that no one can relate to? Naw, I’m sure you’ve seen this once or a hundred times in the media…one good current example (and the picture that Brandon used as a visual for this single) rhymes with dinsey mohan.  REPEAT.

3) Minnesota- Yoga Pants

Minnesota a.k.a. Christian Bauhofer is a DJ/producer from Min…nope, Santa Cruz that makes bass-heavy dubstep with hip hop influences. Yoga Pants is a track off his brand new EP called Altered States that is free for download here. I have yet to meet a person who didn’t love yoga pants (the apparel); males and females for different reasons, no doubt, and I imagine you’ll feel just as good about this song. I dare you to try to keep your yoga-pants-wearing-self from moving while this track is playing. I just failed my own dare…

 4) Flume’s remix of Hermitude – HyperParadise

Are you kidding me with this remix!? Sydney’s super producer, Flume, remixes this track from Sydney electronic-instrumental group, Hermitude. Hermitude have been getting major buzz on blogs with an awesome video for their song The Villan and Flume is just destroying me lately. I hyped him and his self-titled album in one of my first posts here on Wait and Scene. Australia, stop being so awesome all the time!

5) Natural Self remix of Sonnymoon – Nothing Thought

Sonnymoon, a.k.a. Anna Wise and Dane Orr, are a duo from Boston who produce hybrid music that is equal parts indie, R&B, pop, and electronic which all together equals stunning, unique music. Natural Self is a Brighton-based producer who also goes by the name of Keno-1, depending on the style of songs that he’s producing. He’s calling this Nothing Thought remix a “Deep Space lullaby”; I couldn’t have come up with a better genre description if I tried…

6) Autre Ne Veut – Counting

Counting has been out for about two weeks now and I’ve listened to it multiple times everyday since its release. Autre Ne Veut is French for Arthur Ashin…jokes! That’s his real name; Autre Ne Veut translates to something like “I want no other” in English…I didn’t do very well in French class but I can label some foods and ask to go to the bathroom…so let’s just say that I’m proficient.

BTW forget fancy studios, this guy produces this music in his bedroom in Brooklyn. Press play and be impressed. I know I am!

7) Snakehips remix of Wild Belle – It’s Too Late

I’ve included this track on this week’s playlist, not because I think that you haven’t heard of them but, because I’m going to see Wild Belle in a couple days at the Doug Fir in Portland. They sounded amazing when they preformed this song last night on Conan. London producer Snakehips a.k.a. Ollie Dickenson took the original and gave it a hip hop feel with a heavier, dancier baseline. Listening to this remix just perpetuates my excitement for the show. It’s never too late to dance!

8) Big History – Wolfblood

This isn’t a new song, but I hadn’t heard of Big History until this weekend (Gasp!) and this song is just so GOOD. For those of you who are as behind as me, Big History is an up-and-coming electronic band based out of New Orleans. This track comes off their five song EP All At Once that I highly recommend taking a listen to, as I have been listening to it for the past couple days. If I didn’t go out this weekend to drink spicy cocktails, I would’ve never known about this band; cheers to meeting new friends who like good music!

9) Plastic Plates Remix of Sam Sparro – Shades Of Grey

You Aussies are back on my playlists again and again! Sam Sparro is an Australian singer-songwriter, producer, and former child star who is know for having the best (creepiest?) mustache in music. Plastic Plates is the solo project of Sydney-born LA-based electro artist Felix Bloxsom. He is becoming the go-to remix guy because he constantly produces quality jams. Sam Sparro’s original track is so powerful and raw that it makes me want to lay on my floor sulking…siiighh. This Plastic Plates remix gives this song a more upbeat vibe that lifts me up off the hardwood.

10) Oxes ft. Will Oldham – Strong Enough (Sheryl Crow cover)

I’m finishing this week’s playlist by slowing it down a little. Even if you’re not a Sheryl Crow fan, you can’t deny the awesome of this cover! Baltimore instrumental rock band Oxes and signer Will Oldham a.k.a Bonnie “Prince” Billy join forces to bring us this redux of Crow’s 1993 hit.


P-Tom the Phenom December 1, 2012 at 7:43 am

Hey Lady!
Cracking my knuckles and diving right in on this one..
Great job on this and every other post. i laugh at the most random times which of course makes me laugh again..
First and foremost Wow! on Kurt for #8 good stuff, ” we run it like a power line, something valentine.” I don’t know what she said but I like it.. also can I rename this one “little ghost”? I’m ok with it if you are..
Numero dos – I am very sad that we didn’t go to Wild Belle the other night, I told Ted and of course he was down but we ended up downloading the first 4 episodes of the League (separate conversation needed to go into that one)

I think I laughed the hardest at your blurb for #6 this week 😀
and last: WHEN ARE WE GOING TO AUSTRAILIA SO THAT I CAN STALK SAM SPARRO??!!!! I am in love and well let’s face it, I was in love from the moment I read “creepiest mustache in music”, *sign*

I miss you friend..and I KNOW that I am going to see you in a few shorts hours but as you already know because of a long history with Hot Yoga (or whatever) has destroyed my short term memory so all recollection of this post will spontaneously evaporate well before I actually see you in person..
I actually think writing down my thoughts on each post is prob better than trying to remember.


Courtney Allen December 5, 2012 at 8:40 am

P-Tom and Jenna-WAS (I really need a cool blogger name, please assist) What about CJ-Pow! ?

I am having THE BEST music at work morning between listening to all the great stuff on this blog AND listening to my thumb drive of awesomeness that you and Ted put together for me P-Tom!

I would have to say from this play list that I am definitely into remixes that have sort of a house vibe way more than I would have thought.

I really like Future Classic and Yoga Pants and was equally excited about BigHistoryMusic. Her voice reminds me of LanaDelRay but more wholesome.





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