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My live music bender


Happy best month of the year, allegiant readers of Wait And Scene! It’s been a while but I haven’t forgotten about you; in fact, I thought of you often…not to be creepy or anything *shifty eyes* Thank you for checking back on my site despite an utter lack of new content. I apologize for my absence in the world of blogging but I can’t say I regret it. I’ve been on a somewhat reckless live-music bender for the last couple weeks that has left me little time for anything. Eating? Sleeping? Showering? What are these daily activities you speak of? I’m joking mom and dad! (Totally not joking, I’m a mess). As I mentioned in my introduction on WAS, I try to live the life of a rock star with a full-time career. I’m at the height of my dysfunction but I couldn’t be happier.

I’ve decided to make a playlist of songs to explain what I’ve been up to since we last “spoke”. Live music for daaaaaays! Here is a list of my fav songs from SOME of the bands that I’ve been lucky to see live in the past two weeks:

1) THE SHINS at the Crystal Ballroom.

2) PURE BATHING CULTURE at the Crystal Ballroom.

3) HOW TO DRESS WELL at the Doug Fir.

Pssst! I talked about him before here.

4) BEACON at the Doug Fir.

5) METRIC at the Roseland Theater.

6) THE LUMINEERS at the Crystal Ballroom.

with Y La Bamba.

7) BRAINSTORM CD release party at the Doug Fir.

8) HOSANNAS at the Doug Fir.

9) TYPHOON at the Crystal Ballroom.

with Laura Gibson and Lost Lander.

10)  In addition to the above shows, I went to the Portland Holiday Ale Festival. That super fun night would’ve sounded something like this:

Gulp! Mmmmmm holiday beer! Gulp! Seriously, how do they get it to taste like chocolate and cherries?! Glup! More Beer! Bourbon! Vanilla! Cookies and Milk! Gulp! hehe (Repeat x 20)

Hmm, what else?

-I went to some guy’s going-away-party/Tiger House concert at Bunk Bar. That was a random fun night!

-I went out to my favorite spot, Dig A Pony, at least a couple times.

-I went to an amazing holiday party, drank Fireball Whisky which brought me back to my youth, and met a bunch of great new people.

-I managed to try a bunch of new restaurants and eat a lot of delish food. When I had time to eat, I ate well. Foie Gras Agnolotti covered in black truffles for the win! Oh and I ate a PIGEON, people!! The sound track to that experience would have sounded like this:


I hope the horror was palpable.

Looking back at these good times, I have to say that my life is pretty rad. There is so much more ridiculousness to come so I hope you stay along for the ride! …even if I fall off my music-junkie wagon and take two weeks off.

I sincerely hope your early December has been just as wonderful and crazy as mine! Until next time, this was Jenna at Wait And Scene going to all of the shows, drinking all of the beer, and eating all of the pigeons so that you don’t have to.

For the record, I will NEVER eat a pigeon again. Also, I’m actually quite put-together in person…haha


ENDO-Mike December 12, 2012 at 1:11 am

LOLOL no wonder you’re so hard to get a hold of.

I’m checking out the songs you posted right now… good so far!

hahaha at eating pigeon. Hopefully you’re vaccinated for all 9.43×10^8 diseases that bird probably had. 😛 Wait though, we’re talking Portland… was it organic grain-fed, distilled water hydrated, free range non-disease-environment pigeon?



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