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JP Hoe – Nothing’s Gonna Harm You


JP Hoe is an insanely talented singer-songwriter and musician from my favorite city in Canada, Winnipeg, Manitoba. I have been a huge fan of JP since we met over 12 years ago, back in the days when I was killing it with braces and au naturel curly hair. Since that time, I’ve gone through a serious style evolution but I’ve always had impeccable music taste. Okay fine, in my younger days there was a boy-band phase and I may or may not know all the words to Salt-N-Pepa’s banger Shoop but that’s neither here nor there. I’ve seen him live more times than any other artist and if I hadn’t moved across the continent, I know the number of shows that I was lucky to attend would be even more impressive. JP is an all around great guy, his talent and witty personality come through in his recordings, and he can really charm the pants off an audience. So many pants-less crowds! I saved my ticket from his very first EP release party in 2003 because I’ve always believed in what he was doing. My proudest moment had to be in 2007 when I got to see him open for Jann Arden at the MTS Centre in Winnipeg; a crowd of 3,500 was a far cry from the coffee houses and pubs that I’d seen him play in at the start of his music career. This May, JP released his fourth album, Mannequin (cop that), which features 11 original songs with the superb musicianship, honest lyrics, and pristine vocals that he’s become known for. Nothing’s Gonna Harm You is the first single off that album and the video is perfectly Canadian and quirkily JP Hoe.

Where my HOEs at?

Ummm, right here.



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