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A Playlist Dedicated to Handsome Men with Top Knots


The increased prevalence of men with top knots in fashion and in the general public (at least in Portland) has really thrown me for a loop and has me all kinds of confused about my favorite famous guys. I don’t care if you’re Jake G, Harry S, Jared L, or any of the other celebrity man meat who have been ruining their babely vibes with this up-do; if you aren’t a sumo wrestler or this hairstyle isn’t a part of your cultural traditions, GET OUT OF HERE WITH THAT MAN BUN..and take your flowy linen suit and tambourine with you. I’m generalizing because Alexander of ‘Edward Sharpe and the Magnetic Zeros’ fame was the first time I saw a man blatantly rock this look in the media, outside of folk festival drum circles. A few years after Alexander’s hippie sashay into the public eye, I still blame this trend entirely on him.

Stylish girl looking at a cute guy at the coffee shop:

Solid choice in coffee ✓
Nice shoes/boots ✓
Quality jawnz ✓
Stylish shirt and well-tailored jacket ✓
A Handsome, often bearded face ✓
A messy man bun  … hold up! Minus five check-marks for you, my dude.

Long hair, don’t care? Hmpfff neither do I until you chop off those luscious locks…but this week’s new music playlist is dedicated to you anyways because I heard you’re heading to the barber as soon as you finish listening.



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