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Wait And Scene Wednesdays: Love will destroy you


I was supes lame this past weekend and stayed in everyday catching up on paperwork and snapping out of my Cali vacation mode. My pile of work, coupled with a lack of sunshine and groceries, was a harsh reality. I was sustaining myself on a diet of apples, frozen berries, and herbal tea because I refuse to go shopping when I’m in beast mode. Good news is that I’m straight thriving now and during these trying times laying low, I was able to discover all of la musique unknown. No jokes, the majority of the artists on this playlist only have a couple hundred followers on their Facebook fan pages and one artist even linked his personal FB from his Soundcloud hahaha like, you’d have to friend request him if you wanted to follow his music. Best ever. Could you imagine the days when Kanye Omari West’s fan page was all up in the FB feed of a couple hundred of his Chi city homies pissing them off to no end with his arrogance? A time when Aubrey Graham’s 416 woes were like, “I dunno, man, wheelchair Jimmy is just too Canadian to be a legit rapper but sure, I’ll throw *air quotes* “Drake” a follow just to be nice.”?

She says they miss the old Drake. Girl, don’t tempt me.

I CAN’T…EVEN, as the basics would say. Anyway, there is a lot of gold on this week’s ‘list so you should give the artists you like a follow and start spreading the news; You seem like quality humans and they could clearly use the “friends”.

Get into it,



P.s. Did anyone else have ‘Ye’s ‘Real Friends & No More Parties in LA’ on a rotation this weekend? Or does it just speak to me because it’s my current reality? Byeeeee LA.



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