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Don’t call it a comeback!…No seriously, I don’t have time for this $#!+. I’m just coming out of hiatus to tell you all about this band that has been my music obsession a while now. About eight or so months ago, I heard a song called ‘Devil Like Me’ on my Spotify. I probably listened to it 50 times in a row before looking into the rest of the album. This gateway drug led into a downward spiral of all Rainbow Kitten Surprise all the time (Dat band name doe). It’s dangerous when you discover artists for the first time when they already have two albums released. RKS have old school Kings of Leon vibes and this is very much on brand for me. They hail from the mountains of North Carolina, their lyrics are beautiful, the lead singer has an impressive beard, and his dance moves are full on Future Island-esqe so I’m fan for life.

I’m not hurt I’m broken, but I called to say I’m fine
And I heard you had another love, but I’d love you to think I don’t mind

On January 16th, they are releasing something new and I’m not sure if it’s going to be a song, a video, or LAWD HELP US ALL a full album but for now enjoy these ten tracks that are tops from their past two albums.

Hope y’all have Spotify!



P.s. Does anyone else really miss the old Soundcloud before they sold out?



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