Ill artist alert! Ill artist alert! *said in the voice of 2 Chainz*

Let me start off saying that I was really bummed to find out that the group Pacific Air is no more. These brothers were a killer band and they put on an awesome live show the one time I was fortunate to see them. My best friend and I made sure to check them out during our crazy SXSW rounds two years ago. At their show at The Mohawk, I was standing next to a music blogger and we started talking about our love of Pacific Air.

I was like, “Yeah, I was a fan of these guys when they put out their EP and were still called KOKO!”

and he’s all, “Holy $#!+ ME TOO! That’s crazy, no one else knows that stuff.”

and his girlfriend was like, “Hey guys, I’m here too you know…”

And I’m all, “Get on your boyfriend’s level and maybe you can keep up.”

Oh snap! That’s cold.

Fine, I’m actually a nice girl. That last part with the girlfriend didn’t happen but I could sense her ‘tude and hear her sighs as her boyfriend and I geeked out on good music. Here’s hoping that blogger and his girlfriend know that the now defunct Pacific Air’s lead singer, Ryan Lawhon, has a solo project and he has put out these two perfect tracks for our listening pleasure.

BOTH SO GOOD. I can’t wait to hear more,




Post image for BOOTS – Mercy

BOOTS – Mercy


His handle is BOOTS (like Dora the Explorer’s Monkey BFF?!? Sí sí), he produced most of ‘yonce’s last album, and the dude has pipes. He’s still pretty unknown despite his production prowess and a few other solo releases which is why I wanted to share this track here on Wait And Scene. The video is flat out weird; BOOTS’ intense Skeet-Ulrich-in-Scream-esque eyes freak me out as does the lady creep in the white pantsuit but not so much that I’d ever stop watching.

The song’s progression from super slow and beautiful to really loud and intense in the last couple minutes is the kind of thing that makes me want to interpretive dance to express these ever-changing emotions; alright I won’t dance but just know that despite my cool demeanor and subtle head-nodding while listening to this track, the dancing fire has been lit within me.

Is he one of the worst lip-syncers in a profesh video that I’ve seen in recent years? Most definitely.

Really though, BOOTS, did you just forget the lyrics and then decided to continue on recording the vid? Or are you trying to act like you’re being introspective and just thinking some of these lines? That vision didn’t translate but no worries, I respect you, braj. Lip-syncing to your own song can’t be easy… plus, you’re friends with Queen Bey and Jay and that’s pretty tyte. Okay, let’s be real, THAT’S ALL I’VE EVER WANTED.

This song is beautiful. Embrace the weirdness,




Hello friends old and new,

Yes, I did just use a Bon Jovi lyric as the title of my inaugural blog post. No, I’m not regretting it…yet. I wouldn’t say that I’m a fan of the Jovs but I heard that song again the other day and the words seemed relevant to the way that I’m feeling about starting this whole venture. I’ve been encouraged to blog by friends and family for years but now the timing feels right. It’s now or never!

For starters, let me introduce myself. I’m Jenna, a young professional who manages to live a busy, rock-star lifestyle in beautiful Oregon despite an always hectic work week. I’m passionate about the things that interest me and I’m excited to share it all with whoever will listen or, in this case, read it.

Music is a huge part of my life. As a self-proclaimed “music junkie”, few things make me as happy as live music which is why I go to a show in Portland at least once a week and on some of my favorite weeks, every single day. When I’m not seeing my favorite artists live, I’m finding new music online and I’ll be posting my favorite new jams on here for you. Music will be the main focus of this blog but I’m also here to share my expertise as a unique girl with her own sense of style, an amateur iPhone photographer, a foodie (not my favorite word) and drinkie (yup, that happened), and an all around fan of the Portland scene and any other scene I get to be a part of when I travel.

I hope to share my amazing life experiences, make you laugh, and most importantly help you discover new things that will make you happy. You can read about it here first or you can Wait and Scene.

Welp, see you later,