I’ve decided to do this condescending section on my blog because I’m a jerk….no, that’s not true, it’s just that there are so many great songs/artists out there that I wanted to let people know about but, until now, I didn’t have a way to do that on a scale larger than a Facebook post, a text to a friend, or my usual mindless chatter about music.

On this list, I tried to include some amazing lesser-known names in music; most who have released tracks in the past few months. Expect to hear more about these artists in the future on WAS. I realize that many of you have already heard this goodness (especially if you creep my S-cloud or actually look at my FB posts har har) but if these sounds are new to your ears, enjoy every minute!

1) Pacific Air (formerly KO KO) – So Strange

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Flume a.k.a Harley Streten is a 20-year-old producer out of Sydney, Australia who just released his first album titled FLUME on Future Classic records (Note: I love Future Classic).The album has 15 hot tracks, with features from Chet Faker, Jezzabell Doran,T-Shirt, Moon Holiday, and George Maple. Flume received a lot of hype after the release of his first single Sleepless and, if you were a fan of that single, this album delivers exactly what you were hoping for; a smooth-as-silk combination of electronic, pop, jazz, soul, chill-wave, hip-hop, and other sounds I don’t even have the words for. Yeah, me without words, I know you’re all shocked. Stand out tracks on the album, as far as I’m concerned, are On Top, Bring You Down, and Holdin On.

Don’t Wait and Scene what Flume will become (See what I did there? Get used to it.), stream the entire album here on WAS and then buy a copy of the album here.


ATLians stand up! Unless you’ve been under a music-proof rock for the past 10 years, y’all know who Big Boi is; an American rapper, producer, songwriter, and sometimes actor from Atlanta and the other half of OutKast with the man, André 3000. In 2010 he released his solo debut, Sir Lucious Left Foot: The Son of Chico Dusty (cop that), which became an instant classic. On December 11th, we’ll have another Big Boi solo album called Vicious Lies and Dangerous Rumors that I guarantee you’ll have worn out by the time the chocolate yule log hits the table. Wait, what?…Just my fancy way of saying before the holidays.

Big Boi just released this track off of that upcoming album release. LINES is a collab with A$AP Rocky and Phantogram. A$AP is a rapper from NYC who has been doing big things the past couple years (cop: LiveLoveA$AP mixtape for free) and Phatogram is an indie pop duo from Saratoga Springs, New York who gave me the opportunity to have the sweatiest night I’ve ever had in public when they played in Portland at the Wonder Ballroom this summer. They are AWESOME live (cop: Eyelid Movies).

With a combination of three artists that I’m a fan of, this song did not disappoint and I’ve been bumping it on repeat all weekend long. Your turn!


How to Dress Well sounds like the title of a fashion blog that I would totally read…In reality, it’s the stage name of Tom Krell, a bad-ass experimental producer and singer known for a his unique, ethereal sound. I’ve been following this guy for a minute now;  In the past couple of years, his debut album Love Remains (cop this) and his sophomore album Total Loss (cop that) have both received a lot of buzz in the blogosphere and, as a result, his songs have been recipients of some pretty sweet remixes. Cold Nites, the second track off the Total Loss album, has already been remixed by Koreless and Pete Swanson but the most recent treatment of this song by English singer-songwriter Charli XCX has to be my favorite of the three. Charli XCX adds angry talk-rapping and pretty vocals to this haunting track and really makes it her own.

This is one of eight songs off of her recently dropped Super Ultra mixtape. Regarding this mixtape, Charli said:

I don’t want people to be sad when they listen to Super Ultra… I want them to be happy, and I want them to dance. No one dances in this town anymore.

Amen, Charli.

Listen and download the mixtape for free right here on WAS.


To say that Mykki Blanco is UNIQUE would be the understatement of the year. She’s a transgender, acid-punk rapper from New York City. Do you know of other acid-punk rappers who are transgender? I’ll edit my post and give them a shout out if you do but I’m pretty sure that’s a verrrrry niche market. Mykki Blanco’s persona and music is fascinating. She is the glamourous alter-ego of 25-year-old Michael David Quattlebaum Jr; a character that emerged when he felt empowered going head-to-toe drag in public for the first time. These days, Michael switches effortlessly between his masculine and feminine characters but he appears to feel most fierce as Mykki.

Mykki just dropped the Cosmic Angel: The Illuminati Prince/ss Mixtape, a collection of eight songs with same shock value as Die Antwoord and Tyler, the Creator’s releases. She has the vocal quality of Weezy and similarly crass, frequently offensive lyrics but I can’t stop listening.

Pretty girls, pretty girls travel in packs.

This video will give you a good idea of what I’m talking about.

Download and listen to her mixtape for free here on WAS.