“Jenna, your site looks like crap on my computer.”

“Hmm strange, it looks good on mine. Send me a screen shot.”


It’s 2014 and I just found out that almost all of my friends use Internet Explorer as their primary browser at work. WHAAAAAAT? It’s kind of like that time last year when I found out that people were still using MSN Messenger to “chat”. Mind = BLOWN.

Sorry guys, Wait And Scene isn’t Internet Explorer compatible because well, it isn’t the late 90s. On a related note, if you’re having a hard time connecting to my SoundCloud, write me a letter or instant message me on ICQ and I’ll send you an 8-track or cassette tape version of my playlists.


I can’t be the only one who has noticed a resurgence high-wasted vintage jeans recently, especially among the hipster set. This will NEVER be my steeze, but you do you and I’ll do me … and I promise I’ll try not to laugh at the inevitable long butt ya’ll are rocking not too far below that crop top.

Shout outs to Kelly Kapowski and supermodels of years past for making basic girls think they can pull off this look in 2014.

If we can’t agree on fashion, I hope we can agree that some great music came out this past week. Enjoy the randomness of WAS Playlist 3!


Because seriously, who has time for anything anymore?

You know what I REALLY didn’t have time for? Signing into my SoundCloud tonight to discover that my perfectly curated second week playlist, that I cut down from 20+ of the week’s hottest tracks to only 10 earlier this week, suddenly only had three songs. THE LEAST COOL.

A lot of soul-searching and internal turmoil later, I present you with an even better version of that original playlist. Enjoy!

Ain’t nobody got time for that!


I’M YOOO PUSHAAAAAAAAA! New vid from King Push!

I’m just a name and number with the means to reach ya …


While you all were enjoying yesterday’s WAS Playlist 1, I was listening to this song on loop. The video, directed by Mike Brits, came out yesterday and it’s kinda haunting and very rad. Låpsley is the middle name of Holly Fletcher a 17-year-old?!?! ambient, electronic producer from Liverpool, Britain. This song is crazy beautiful and that boy-ish voice that sounds very James-Blake-meets-Sampha is actually her voice with the pitch of the vocals dropped. Incredible production!