You’re telling me that I promised you a ten song playlist every single week!?  “OOPS, DID I DO THAT?“, said in my best high-pitched, nasally Urkle voice. That’s a tall order, but a promise is a promise so Wait And Scene will deliver.

Unfortunately, I don’t have any CHEESE (obscure Family Matters reference), but I do have ten of the illest tracks from around the world!

1) Ryan Hemsworth Remix of Mikky Ekko- Pull Me Down

When the song Pull Me Down by Nashville singer-songwriter Mikky Ekko came out a month ago, I will couldn’t stop listening. His voice! Those lyrics! Produced by the ever amazing Clams Casino! It was all too much. Today we got a remix of this beautiful song by 21-year-old Canadian producer, Ryan Hemsworth. As he often does when he remixes, Hemsworth somehow manages to make this song even more special. I’m dying over here…

2) Brandon Fletcher – North Hollywood

Brandon Fletcher is a name that you probably don’t know now but I have a feeling you will pretty soon… This Harlem-based rapper released a dope seven song EP called Braille back in October and he gave us a taste of this song on that EP. This week, the entire new track called North Hollywood was released and it didn’t disappoint. The Pretty Woman intro and Dave Chappelle sample halfway through are killer. This song is about a girl from Miami who’s struggling to live the Hollywood lifestyle. Is it a totally far-fetched story that no one can relate to? Naw, I’m sure you’ve seen this once or a hundred times in the media…one good current example (and the picture that Brandon used as a visual for this single) rhymes with dinsey mohan.  REPEAT.

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I’ve decided to do this condescending section on my blog because I’m a jerk….no, that’s not true, it’s just that there are so many great songs/artists out there that I wanted to let people know about but, until now, I didn’t have a way to do that on a scale larger than a Facebook post, a text to a friend, or my usual mindless chatter about music.

On this list, I tried to include some amazing lesser-known names in music; most who have released tracks in the past few months. Expect to hear more about these artists in the future on WAS. I realize that many of you have already heard this goodness (especially if you creep my S-cloud or actually look at my FB posts har har) but if these sounds are new to your ears, enjoy every minute!

1) Pacific Air (formerly KO KO) – So Strange

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