There were a lot of great releases this week but, to be honest, I am still bumping last Wednesday’s playlist with some of these new tracks peppered in. Yeah, I rock to my own playlists and say things like, “Dammmn, this is a fire mix. Who’s the genius who put these bangerzzz together?” The basey beats and “drops” in a number of last week’s tracks are sounding noooice on my brand-spankin’-new Bose® speaker. LIFESTYLE FLEX ALERT!!

Can you imagine being a legit, I-make-a-living-off-of-blogging blogger straight bragging about everything you own and saying stupid sheeeit to get free swag and all-inclusive vacations?

This Bose® speaker is rad but how will I ever listen to tunes outside of my baller crib? Oh, you make wireless headphones? Peeerrrf, send me a pair and I’ll absolutely post a cozy-girl selfie of me listening to music while longingly staring at my latte art.

Pshhh, you call that blob of radioactive sugar a macaroon? Fly me to Paris’ Les Marquis de Ladurée and I’ll show you what’s up.

*Throwing a churro back in a Disney employee’s face* What is this dusty cinnamon log you’re trying to feed me? Garbage! That’s certainly not what Chocolateria San Gines in Madrid is serving con chocolate. Americans, am I right?

She’s cold as ice, folks. It’s obvious that if blogging fame was my reality I would be a chunky beeotch with no fixed address y’all would hate. You should be thankful I only run a mediocre blog that my friends, family, and a few blokes in Australia and the UK read. Instead of constantly globetrotting and gaining mad lbs, I’m planted here in Oregon bringing you another ten tracks I thought were pretty chill this week.

Amuse-toi bien,