califronia dreaming

Caaaalifornia loveeee.

Fresh off the plane at PDX late last night and home from a perfect five days in Cali. By the last day of my short ocean vacay, this Oregon girl was finally adjusting to 80+ degree temps and that unusual, persistent big ball of fire in the sky. My ghostly white skin has “tanned” to a nice shade of eggshell and according to my coworkers, my hair is somehow more blonde than it was a few days prior. I picked up a nice arsenal of vintage jorts and a couple pairs of leather motorcycle boots in LA so I’m fully prepared if any music festival responsibilities come my way…like, verrrry ready so feel free to hook it up with any of your connects. I promise to be on my best behavior and I’ll even don a flower crown if those are still part of the music festival starter kit.

A wise woman once said:

A bad bitch can play the part of a nerd, but a nerd can’t play the part of a bad bitch.

TRUUUUUUE. Very wise. Alright, fine. I paraphrased and butchered a famous quote to suit my lifestyle. Feel free to quote me on your ‘grams.

Happy WAS Wednesday, friends!



P.s. That new Drake though…”I’m out here lookin’ for revveeeeeeenge.”