I imagine that you all clicked on this post because you thought, “Oooo what guy? Is she interested in someone? How exciting! Wait, what about the above picture? Maybe he hurt her feelings?” Well boy did I fool you because there is NO ONE making or breaking my heart… but I do appreciate your optimism and subsequent sympathy. #foreveralone

This particular playlist is actually dedicated to a random old man I walked by on the street the other day. Hey don’t make it weird, this man was in his late 70s. He was strutting (at a snail’s pace, mind you) while rocking the same badass black leather moto jacket that I was wearing at that very moment!!!…only a much cooler vintage version with just enough patina for me to imagine what it must’ve looked like in its prime. I’m sure that jacket and its wearer had a lot of fun in their wild youth and this chance run-in on the streets of small town Oregon gave me hope that badassery doesn’t have to fade with age. I truly hope that I can be that granny still wearing all of the leather even when sans-a-belt pants and velcro shoes are a lifestyle necessity. About fifty years from now someone better tell Ethel and Bertha to spruce up their retirement home jawnery because I’m going to have moves that Del Boca Vista won’t be ready for.

Now that you know the story, I’m sure you’ll all agree that my “play on playa” head nod just wasn’t enough street style recognition so this playlist is dedicated to that guy and his rad leather jacket.



P.s. A lot of amazing more mainstream tracks also came out this week but I like to give you the tracks you may not have heard elsewhere. If you haven’t heard them yet, go check out the hot new tracks from Lykke Li and A$AP, Robyn and R√∂yksopp, Twin Shadow, and the new album from Iggy Azalea…or you could just follow my SoundCloud and see Wait And Scene like and re-post all these tracks as they happen!