Chad Valley, the alias of British electronic producer Hugo Manuel, is enjoying all the buzz that his recently-released debut album Young Hunger is garnering (cop it). The album is full of crisp, heavenly anthems with cheesy, romantic lyrics that make you gag and smile at the same time. Classy! One of the standout cheeseball tracks, Tell All Your Friends, is one of my favorites on the album because I’m a sucker for this stuff…

Tell all your friends
Tell everyone
All that I can think about is you

D’awh shucks, Chad Valley! I’ll let everyone know how you feel! Earlier this week we saw the video and today we found out that this song has been remixed by South Wales duo Man Without Country and their heavier baseline really works to enhance what was already wonderful about this song. Get the wine and crackers ready!


Tan line: the line between tanned skin and pale skin that can result when you wear your man-tank and cut-offs out in the hot sun.

Tanlines: a Brooklyn-based synth-pop duo composed of guitarist/vocalist Eric Emm and percussionist Jesse Cohen who produce catchy, dancy melodies that you won’t be able to get out of your head.

See, they’re not the same! I’m partial to the second definition.

The first time I saw Tanlines live was April 2012, about a month after they released their debut album Mixed Emotions (cop that). It was the same night that my friend and I saw M83 and I break Horses for the first time. Portland, you’re alright! The M83 show ended, we hopped in the car, beetled across town at lightning speed, and made it to the next venue just as these guys were stepping on stage. Additional facts that you should know:
(1) We’re never afraid of a concert double header.
(2) My friend “paid” for our entry in push-ups. For reals.
(3) Even after a few hours of crazy laser lights and thumping electronic music at our first show that night, there was something so awesome about seeing these guys on stage performing.

Today, they released a new vid for the song Not The Same which allows us to see this duo as a gang of 14…but let’s not talk politics (*peeeeewwww* the sound of that terrible joke flying over your heads); instead, enjoy this cool song and the visuals that go along with it.

Wait! Before you press play, that’ll cost you 10 push-ups.