R. Kells is right, I’m ’bout to have me some fun.

So it’s the second weekend in April and I’m not at Coachella but that’s okay, Vice told me that basic b*tches love Coachella and I have a bad b*tch reputation to uphold. Also, even the nighttime weather in Indio isn’t appropriate for leather so what’s the point really?

Oregon has been pretending to be Cali this whole week and no one is complaining. It’s been 70+ degrees and sunny everyday so I’ve been overwhelmingly happy. I’ve been wearing less black on black, my penchant for witch trap has all but vanished ($T▲Y Ha†in’), and these positive vibes have allowed me to discover so many quality tracks this week. I’m going to keep this entry hella short so I can get back outside but feel free to listen to these tracks on repeat while you enjoy this beautiful weekend and quite possibly pop cristal in the stretch navigator.

Bounce bounce bounce.