A lot of great music comes out every week and I want to share it with you while it’s fresh; those stank beats just ain’t the same. I don’t have time to write in-depth artist details and hilarious anecdotes about every song that I discover due to my time-consuming career molding the minds of today’s youth and my ever flourishing social life *wink*. I’ve decided to try doing a weekly posting of a ten song playlist with tracks that I’ve liked from the past week of releases. If you like this concept, lemme know and I’ll keep it up; If you hate it, just keep your mouth shut, ya ninny. Jokes! All feedback is appreciated.

I dedicate this week’s playlist to Kenneth Bruce Gorelick’s free-flowing curls; apparently he’s a little nugget at 5’2” and he’s from Seattle (Pacific Northwest, stand up!) …the things you learn when you “research” everyone’s favorite saxophonist.

Don’t get too excited, these songs have nothing to do with the G and include no smooth jazz.


Happy New Year, everyone!! Oh, it’s the 12th … alright so it took me a while but Wait And Scene is back in the mix. I have all kinds of plans for my 2014; I’ve been cooking up a storm with healthy new recipes, I’ve decided to (sometimes) embrace my naturally curly Kenny G-esque locks, and I’m trying to get back at this writing and sharing music thing. I’ve also started tweeting again, and this morning I hashtagged the word toots so I think that alone is worth a follow. That’s actually one of three criteria for who I will follow on social media; Is fart humor a running theme? Do they keep selfies to a minimum? Do they post a socially acceptable number of pictures of their cat(s)? For the record, I think one cat pic a month is plenty, maybe two if it’s a kitten. Anyways, if your life isn’t a snoozefest and you meet these three criteria, consider yourself followed!

Enough about me and my disinterest in your internet glamor shots, back to the music and the sharing. I may be late on my discovery of these guys because apparently they’ve been making music for a few years but YES! SO MUCH YES! Actually NO, the band is called NO. This handle is terribly annoying for Googling/Soundcloud/Spotify/YouTube and general internet discovery purposes but anyways this band is amazing so I took the time to post all the links below so you don’t have to go through the Nancy Drew-ing that I did.

NO is a Los Angeles based indie band whose sound has been described as “post-hymnal anthematic” by someone who knows more music adjectives than I ever hope to…. oh and fwhy, since we were all thinking it, the lead singer shockingly has no relation to The National’s Matt Berninger. I’ve obsessively listened to their entire online library four times over this morning; the stunning ‘Leave The Door Wide Open’ is the first single off their new album ‘El Prado’ set to be released through Arts and Crafts on February 18th.

We make some noise inside a room and call it art.

It feels good to be back! Tell your friends!