I just got home from working nearly 13 hours so I’m not feeling particularly chatty but this was a great week in new tuneage so here I am on a Wednesday night, about to tell you a story and post another solid playlist. All for the love of music!

As most of you know, I have a pretty fun “real job” working with hilarious kid-lets. Well today, the BEST thing happened at our morning teaming meeting; I was handed a new referral for a nugget who has the same name of one of my favorite rappers, like, his real birth certificate name is that of a popular hip hop artist. For privacy/HIPAA’s sake, let’s call him DJ Khaled. Note: this is not his name and Khaled is not one of my favorite rappers but this little nickname will make my story-telling easier. Since this morning, all I’ve been thinking about is how fun the addition of a munchkin with a rapper’s name is going to make my job.

Where’s Jenna? Oh she’s at DJ Khaled’s ’til 3.

Whoaaaa, you clearly need to monitor DJ Khaled’s sugar intake.

Busy, busy day of appointments. Brian at noon, Steven at 1, and DJ Khaled at 2.

I heard DJ Khaled was a real little jerk this week.

Hi there, can I please speak with DJ Khaled’s mom or dad?

This is going to be reaaaaaaal entertaining. It’s one of the greatest work related wins so far in 2016. Very KEY to my laughter and happiness.

These Wednesday playlists are also very key to my week so, in the words of a very wise DJ, “They don’t want you to jet ski”. Whoops, wrong quote. I meant to say, “Annnnoooother one.”