Oh haaaaaay, my music people! I hope you’ve been doing well in my absence all these months. I’ve been feeling 50 Cent in the early 2000s fresh lately; I recently returned from traveling for a couple months in Europe, struggled to get back to reality in the USA, had an important birthday, and went kinda blonde-ish in light of my quarter life crisis (Yes, I’m planning on getting reeeeeaaaaaal old). I don’t know if you’ve heard but apparently we “brondes” have more fun…psssh, like that’s even possible. No better time than now to have my blogging redux, right? RIGHT.

I’ve decided to start posting weekly Wednesday playlists because everyone needs a little mid-week music pick me up and I need a little structure in my blogging life. My playlists will be a combo of very new songs, old-by-cool-people-standards songs, and those songs that are so *exclusive* that we can all say we were listening before they were cool. All genres and tempos can and will be included so if you aren’t feelin’ a track or tracks GASP just move on to the next.

Enough talking, LESSDODIS.