I have a pretty serious confession to make; When Adele released her new song and video for Hello, I waited a week before I listened. A WHOLE SEVEN DAYS, YOU GUYS.

Hold up?! So the girl who always tries to listen to everything before the cool kids probably listened to Hello after your mom, dad, and nerdy little brother? Absolutely, your family is cooler than me. Laugh it up. Adele’s 21 was such an important album and I was concerned that the first single wouldn’t live up to the hype. I sat and watched nearly evvvvvveryone I respect on social media re-post the video before I decided it was worthy of a listen. Surprise surprise, Adele nailed it yet again and the video is stunning. I missed a week of binge listening so it has been on repeat ever since and I’ve been searching for every cover available. I heard Stephen’s incredible upbeat version last week but decided that I shouldn’t post his tracks on back to back playlists so today is the day his cover makes its appearance.

This Adele love has me delving back into other albums with strong female vocals and wondering why some ladies aren’t famous yet. Seinabo Sey’s album continues to get me singing at the top of my lungs and doing rapid Drake hands when she gets real so why don’t more people know who she is? A video for my favorite track off the album called Poetic came out recently and it gives me those Adele feels. I have a feeling Adele will bring Seinabo on her world tour for 25 and she’ll blow up and you’ll all be saying, “Remember when I heard that new Adele song long before Jenna but she made up for it by predicting the fame of some relatively obscure artist whose name I can’t pronounce?” Just Wait And Scene and enjoy this week’s playlist.