HUGE Wait And Scene announcement!!! I’m heading to Austin, Texas for my fourth annual SXSW in less than a month!!!

This is my absolute favorite event of the year for so many reasons and I feel #blessingsonblessings that I get to do it all again in 2016. I don’t like to let too many people know that this is happening until I cue up a lodging situation because, as any of you who are familiar with the event know, regular old hotel rooms go for upwards of $1000 a night during this festival and everything sells out months in advance. Even if I was a millionaire, I don’t think I could justify that ridiculous opulence. I’m fine surrendering my ‘gram lifestyle flex in order to try to find a place to lay my head and my massive suitcase for much (MUCH) less money; My only requirements are that it’s near all the downtown party action, reasonably safe, and not disgusting ie. not filled with animals and doesn’t smell like poo. I’m pretty easy to please! Last year I was staying in a house owned by a few too many college boys and this year ya girl is staying a ROOM with seven strangers of various ages and genders. This could be a living nightmare or it could be the best week of my life, only time will tell. The things I’ll do for the sake of live music, tacos, and party vibes! …No, not that… Eww, not that either.

In the upcoming weeks, I’ll hit you with lists of the artists I’m excited to see but most of them have been on these Wednesday mixes. Plzzz start sending positive Southby roomie thoughts my way and enjoy this week’s playlist!



P.s. The first track hurts my vocal cords and my professional opinion is that singing like that is a reeeeeally bad idea. Do not try that at home, kids.

P.s. The cover pic is me dreaming up fire ‘fits for Austin.


Caaaalifornia loveeee.

Fresh off the plane at PDX late last night and home from a perfect five days in Cali. By the last day of my short ocean vacay, this Oregon girl was finally adjusting to 80+ degree temps and that unusual, persistent big ball of fire in the sky. My ghostly white skin has “tanned” to a nice shade of eggshell and according to my coworkers, my hair is somehow more blonde than it was a few days prior. I picked up a nice arsenal of vintage jorts and a couple pairs of leather motorcycle boots in LA so I’m fully prepared if any music festival responsibilities come my way…like, verrrry ready so feel free to hook it up with any of your connects. I promise to be on my best behavior and I’ll even don a flower crown if those are still part of the music festival starter kit.

A wise woman once said:

A bad bitch can play the part of a nerd, but a nerd can’t play the part of a bad bitch.

TRUUUUUUE. Very wise. Alright, fine. I paraphrased and butchered a famous quote to suit my lifestyle. Feel free to quote me on your ‘grams.

Happy WAS Wednesday, friends!



P.s. That new Drake though…”I’m out here lookin’ for revveeeeeeenge.”


New year, new blog post, more new music, and the same old weirdo bringing it all to you. I hope you had a wonderful holiday and missed me during my fortnight off gallivanting around California. I love the golden state with all of its sunny beaches, beautiful humans, celebs, amazing shopping, colorful sunsets, Disneyland magic, cheap tacos, and TRAFFIC. ALL OF THE TRAFFIC. EVERY DAMN DAY. ALL DAY LONG. Even talking about it stresses me out and I wasn’t driving slash slept through most of it and woke up when we reached our destinations hours later. Shout outs to my chauffeurs for keeping it 1hunid!. Anyways, I’m rested (thanks to a myriad of car naps) and I’m feeling happy back home in my fav the beaver state. I’m excited to bring you a new playlist of ten tracks I’ve liked this past week…or maybe three weeks, whatever, who’s counting? She’s back, folks.

HAPPY 2016!!



P.s. The first track on this playlist isn’t new but by now you should know I’m really into NoMBe and it seemed fitting with my past two weeks in Cali. Plus, the very end of that track…Daaaaang. Repeat.

To be honest, she’s a liar full of promise

She thinks her Rolex makes her timeless

Her famous friends think she’s harmless

I’d burn the bridge with her on it

P.p.s. Total tangent but did you know that the original voices of Mickey and Minnie Mouse were married in real life? If that doesn’t make you happy, you’re officially a lost cause. Feel free to use that fact to impress someone at the next party; You can thank me when you score the digits like, “Hey guuuurl, you like Disney facts?” Not at all creepy.


Happy New Year, everyone!! Oh, it’s the 12th … alright so it took me a while but Wait And Scene is back in the mix. I have all kinds of plans for my 2014; I’ve been cooking up a storm with healthy new recipes, I’ve decided to (sometimes) embrace my naturally curly Kenny G-esque locks, and I’m trying to get back at this writing and sharing music thing. I’ve also started tweeting again, and this morning I hashtagged the word toots so I think that alone is worth a follow. That’s actually one of three criteria for who I will follow on social media; Is fart humor a running theme? Do they keep selfies to a minimum? Do they post a socially acceptable number of pictures of their cat(s)? For the record, I think one cat pic a month is plenty, maybe two if it’s a kitten. Anyways, if your life isn’t a snoozefest and you meet these three criteria, consider yourself followed!

Enough about me and my disinterest in your internet glamor shots, back to the music and the sharing. I may be late on my discovery of these guys because apparently they’ve been making music for a few years but YES! SO MUCH YES! Actually NO, the band is called NO. This handle is terribly annoying for Googling/Soundcloud/Spotify/YouTube and general internet discovery purposes but anyways this band is amazing so I took the time to post all the links below so you don’t have to go through the Nancy Drew-ing that I did.

NO is a Los Angeles based indie band whose sound has been described as “post-hymnal anthematic” by someone who knows more music adjectives than I ever hope to…. oh and fwhy, since we were all thinking it, the lead singer shockingly has no relation to The National’s Matt Berninger. I’ve obsessively listened to their entire online library four times over this morning; the stunning ‘Leave The Door Wide Open’ is the first single off their new album ‘El Prado’ set to be released through Arts and Crafts on February 18th.

We make some noise inside a room and call it art.

It feels good to be back! Tell your friends!


Website: http://nomusicfor.me/
Twitter: https://twitter.com/NO
SC:  https://soundcloud.com/nolosangeles
FB: https://www.facebook.com/NOLosAngeles