This whole blogging once a week thing allows me to keep tabs on my social calendar and realize that some point soon I really need to just CHILL…I’m talking a pre-2015 chill sans Netflix. In addition to a very busy work week and two after-work events, I managed to go to four concerts in four days. I got wrapped up in a little music bender and it was magical as always. Try to keep up.

Night one, Jack Garratt at the Crystal Ballroom: This bearded nugget from London combines killer electric guitar, pulsing drum machines, keyboard, and a voice that moves from smooth R&B-eque falsetto to vocal polyp inducing screaming to produce some of the most exciting, raw, and ever-changing music I’ve heard in a long time. He was the reason I wanted to go to SXSW this year and, mark my WAS words, he’s going to be major soon and stop opening for all of these *yaaaaaaawn* artists on tour. He’s better than this.

Night two, Kool Keith at the Bit House Saloon: All-you-can-drink Hennessy and the self-professed “Black Elvis”. That is all. Life is a riot.

Night three, Marian Hill at Doug Fir Lounge: I made sure to see Marian Hill at SXSW in March and they were definitely in my top new artists to watch in the new year. This Friday night, running on little sleep and a foggy mind from all the previous night’s ‘yak, I was impressed to see them completely captivate a crowd of Portland cool kids at this sold out show. We can be a hard, jaded nut to crack but danggggg…it must be one of those artisan East coast nutcrackers.

Night four, MUTEMATH at Star Theater: The icing on a very delicious layered cake of concerts. It was my first time seeing these alternative rock veterans and they did not disappoint. Three hours of fast paced showmanship, incredibly talented musicians, excessive sweating, handstands on keyboards, and crowd surfing through the venue on a lighted air mattress spaceship because….actually, I have no idea why but that was rad. I highly recommend that you go see these guys next time they’re in your town and, for the sake of the concert-goers around you, slick on a nice layer of deodorant. I would’ve appreciated that simple personal hygiene step very much on Saturday night when a wall of excited fans in front of us decided to wave and clap their hands up high in the sky the whole show and bless the rest of us with their personal brand of eau de parfum. Je ne l’aime pas.

Phewf, what a week!

It’s a rainy Wednesday in Oregon but here is a v chill playlist of ten songs from the past week that I think might warm you up.



P.s. That new ZHU x Skrillex x THEY. track called ‘Working For it’ is THE JAM but the only version on SC had too much yapping at the beginning.



Sorry for yelling but that’s all the news you needed to know from the past week. Who is Hilary Clinton? What does it mean to “Feel the Bern”? Did Canada elect a new Prime Minister? Who cares? Without his signature indie rockstar beard, our boy Chet looks like every twenty-something Australian surfer I met backpacking in Europe this summer…”Yeah Mate, I’ve been trying to ride the line on those gnar barrels but I keep catching these bloody ankle busters.” Cool story, Chet. Cool freakin’ story…

Anyone who knows my music junkie ways should understand that it was extremely difficult for me to sit on a new Chet track AND a new Jack Garratt track for five whole days without sharing as I am a huge fan of both artists. I’ve traveled across country to SXSW to see them both the last few years and I’ve talked my way into many a venue they were playing using such classic lines as, “…but but but I’m alllllll by myself”,  “My boyfriend is photographing this event and really needs my help with equipment.”, and “Oh, when you said VIP wristband I thought you meant this one in a similar color from the free BBQ party I went to earlier…” Seriously, this is the life I lead.

Anywhoo, this whole “New Music Friday” thing is a real beeotch for a girl like me who has chosen to post her playlists mid-week but thankfully a shiny new Wednesday is here and I can take a few minutes to share some of my favs.

Without further ado, listen up and please remember that beards save lives.