A lot of great music comes out every week and I want to share it with you while it’s fresh; those stank beats just ain’t the same. I don’t have time to write in-depth artist details and hilarious anecdotes about every song that I discover due to my time-consuming career molding the minds of today’s youth and my ever flourishing social life *wink*. I’ve decided to try doing a weekly posting of a ten song playlist with tracks that I’ve liked from the past week of releases. If you like this concept, lemme know and I’ll keep it up; If you hate it, just keep your mouth shut, ya ninny. Jokes! All feedback is appreciated.

I dedicate this week’s playlist to Kenneth Bruce Gorelick’s free-flowing curls; apparently he’s a little nugget at 5’2” and he’s from Seattle (Pacific Northwest, stand up!) …the things you learn when you “research” everyone’s favorite saxophonist.

Don’t get too excited, these songs have nothing to do with the G and include no smooth jazz.


I’ve decided to do this condescending section on my blog because I’m a jerk….no, that’s not true, it’s just that there are so many great songs/artists out there that I wanted to let people know about but, until now, I didn’t have a way to do that on a scale larger than a Facebook post, a text to a friend, or my usual mindless chatter about music.

On this list, I tried to include some amazing lesser-known names in music; most who have released tracks in the past few months. Expect to hear more about these artists in the future on WAS. I realize that many of you have already heard this goodness (especially if you creep my S-cloud or actually look at my FB posts har har) but if these sounds are new to your ears, enjoy every minute!

1) Pacific Air (formerly KO KO) – So Strange

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