Haaaaaaaay haaaaaaay! Thank you for all the reminders and check-ins the last couple weeks to make sure I was alive and hadn’t forgotten about my weekly duty to bring you new tuneage. You sure know how to make a girl feel needed! I assure you all that I didn’t forget but I didn’t want to half-ass it since I had no time to really curate a playlist of bangerzzz. As one of my favorite legends (pictured above looking like Post Malone) says:

Never half-ass two things, full-ass one thing.

Soooo, I full-assed work and class the last couple weeks and now it’s time to full-ass my blog for the day. As a special treat I’m bringing you an extended weekend playlist; 30 tracks!! A mix of brand new finds and tracks from the last few months that haven’t made my lists but that I lurrrrve.

It’s the freakin’ weekend. Get it,




HUGE Wait And Scene announcement!!! I’m heading to Austin, Texas for my fourth annual SXSW in less than a month!!!

This is my absolute favorite event of the year for so many reasons and I feel #blessingsonblessings that I get to do it all again in 2016. I don’t like to let too many people know that this is happening until I cue up a lodging situation because, as any of you who are familiar with the event know, regular old hotel rooms go for upwards of $1000 a night during this festival and everything sells out months in advance. Even if I was a millionaire, I don’t think I could justify that ridiculous opulence. I’m fine surrendering my ‘gram lifestyle flex in order to try to find a place to lay my head and my massive suitcase for much (MUCH) less money; My only requirements are that it’s near all the downtown party action, reasonably safe, and not disgusting ie. not filled with animals and doesn’t smell like poo. I’m pretty easy to please! Last year I was staying in a house owned by a few too many college boys and this year ya girl is staying a ROOM with seven strangers of various ages and genders. This could be a living nightmare or it could be the best week of my life, only time will tell. The things I’ll do for the sake of live music, tacos, and party vibes! …No, not that… Eww, not that either.

In the upcoming weeks, I’ll hit you with lists of the artists I’m excited to see but most of them have been on these Wednesday mixes. Plzzz start sending positive Southby roomie thoughts my way and enjoy this week’s playlist!



P.s. The first track hurts my vocal cords and my professional opinion is that singing like that is a reeeeeally bad idea. Do not try that at home, kids.

P.s. The cover pic is me dreaming up fire ‘fits for Austin.