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I have no time to write a serious or witty post but I just have to share the amazing news;  prior to it’s release the Frightened Rabbit album is streaming online! NOW! So much happiness!

I think it’s hilarious that the last post I wrote about Frightened Rabbit started with the statement, “See, I told you I’m back! And I’ve showered…so things are looking up!” and a month and a half later, I’m back in that same place in my life where I’m so busy that doing everyday life things are accomplishments…but I’m having a great time so that’s all that matters, right? Phewf, glad we’re on the same page.

Here is my last post about FR where I talk about the band and my tumultuous past being in love with them.

HERE is the spot where the album is streaming online. Thank you to The Guardian!

The album opens with:

I’m not the cad in the kitchen, giving wine to your best girl’s glass

Killer line because we all know that “cad” and he’s such a slime bag.

I’ve listened to this album three times straight through and my early favorites are ‘Late March, Death March’ and ‘Nitrous Gas’ but that’s subject to change. What tracks are you digging?

My best friend and I have postponed our trip to SXSW by a couple days so that we can see these guys live on March 9th at the Hawthorne Theatre. This album release solidified that we’re a couple of geniuses. I CAN’T WAIT (…and scene) to see them again! Check out the other tour dates here.

More posts to come soon. I hope you’ve missed me!

xoxo (on that Gossip Girl tip)