It’s no secret that I’m a James Blake fan but what you may not know is that Wu-Tang is also my jam. I’m pretty sure Wu-Tang Clan doesn’t come up as a suggested artist when you’re listening to a Blake track but never underestimate the diversity of one’s playlist. Who would’ve thought James Blake was a RZA fan anyways? I saw Raekwon a couple weeks ago (he murdered it) and I’m fittin’ to see Ghostface Killah next week…then James Blake at the end of April. DIVERSITY! Every last one of the shows! ie. ALL of them.

I posted about James Blake here a while back and I just had to share this new track with you guys. Blake’s album Overgrown comes out in a few days on April 9th (Cop it) and it’s sure to be golden. This track, Take A Fall For Me, features RZA rapping over a super chill synthy beat while Blake’s ghostly vocals in the background act as the highlight.

…candlelight dinners and fish and chips with vinegar with a glass of cold stout or wine or something similar…


James Blake also unleashed a bonus track off the album called Everyday I Ran which features samples from Big Boi’s single, Royal Flush, a throwback from ’08.

Again, YES!

P.s. I’ve heard rumors about a Kendrick Lamar -James Blake collabo in the works. NEAT.


Okay, so a few months ago I heard California Wives song Tokyo and I thought it was a cool, upbeat track but nothing I’d really be interested in listening to more than a few times…maybe I was in a bad mood that day (very rare but possible) but I’m sticking with my original opinion. Cut to a few days ago when I heard the Different Sleep remix of this song for the first time. It has a much heavier baseline with synthy, muffled vocals that I couldn’t get it out of my head. It’s been on heavy rotation since then. I knew nothing about this Different Sleep character so I did a little research ie. I looked intently at the side bar on his SoundCloud. It turns out Different Sleep, a.k.a. Rafa Alvarez, is a 19-year-old artist from San Diego who is currently living in Chi-city and going to school.

A 19-year old student is mixing this hot fire on his study breaks? Alright, I can dig it.

It should be noted that the Vagrant Records label is one of my favorite labels out there right now and I’ll be posting A LOT about the things that their artists are coming out with.