See, I told you I’m back! And I’ve showered…so things are looking up!

This new and improved me is making an effort to inform you that Scottish indie-rock band Frightened Rabbit just released a video for their new single The Woodpile.

Here are some random things that I want to tell you before you watch this video:

  • Midnight Organ Fight (cop that) is my favorite album from the past five-ish years. BOLD, I know, but I calls it like I hears it.
  • In 2010, I drove the eight hours to and from Minneapolis, MN (16 hours of driving?! This girl is nutty!), stayed in a hotel all by myself,  and had a solo two-day vacation just so I could see this band live for the first time.
  • I met a new friend at the show who I’m still friends with today which solidified my belief in the statement, “Everything happens for a reason.” Shout outs to the incredible Bri and lil’ Ev!
  • That was the same night that I took a now infamous $100 cab ride home from the venue. I wished to never speak of it again because of the emotional toll it took on me; think of all the shopping I could have done at Mall of America with that casheesh! The emotions are all flooding back! hehe
  • I’ve seen Frightened Rabbit live two more times since MN and at every show they have given me chills and a feeling of transcendence that I don’t get with any other band.

In summary, I think Frightened Rabbit are pretty alright. Okay, fine, it’s a little more than that; I’m a HUGE fan.

The band’s upcoming major label debut through Atlantic Records UK is called Pedestrian Verses and it will hit stores in the US on February 5th. They also recently announced a US Spring 2013 tour here and I highly suggest you make it to one of their gigs. I know from experience that you will not be disappointed and if you’re not close by one of the tour stops, a solo road trip might just be the character building exercise that your shy, dependent self needs. I don’t know you, but I’m judging you through the computer screen right now.

This video was shot on the mean streets of Queens, NY and it features some of their famous musical friends from other bands you may know: Bad Veins, Olympic Swimmers, Little Kicks, Oxford Collapse, and Right On Dynamite. It’s a neat video, maybe not the best I’ve ever seen, but man I love FR!

Hey Scott Hutchison,

You’re the sh*t and I’m knee deep in it.

Seriously so deep.


To say that Mykki Blanco is UNIQUE would be the understatement of the year. She’s a transgender, acid-punk rapper from New York City. Do you know of other acid-punk rappers who are transgender? I’ll edit my post and give them a shout out if you do but I’m pretty sure that’s a verrrrry niche market. Mykki Blanco’s persona and music is fascinating. She is the glamourous alter-ego of 25-year-old Michael David Quattlebaum Jr; a character that emerged when he felt empowered going head-to-toe drag in public for the first time. These days, Michael switches effortlessly between his masculine and feminine characters but he appears to feel most fierce as Mykki.

Mykki just dropped the Cosmic Angel: The Illuminati Prince/ss Mixtape, a collection of eight songs with same shock value as Die Antwoord and Tyler, the Creator’s releases. She has the vocal quality of Weezy and similarly crass, frequently offensive lyrics but I can’t stop listening.

Pretty girls, pretty girls travel in packs.

This video will give you a good idea of what I’m talking about.

Download and listen to her mixtape for free here on WAS.