I’m commonly one of those jerks …

If you’ve uttered things like, “I have his first EP from ten years ago.”, “I was a fan of them when they were still called ____.”, or “I saw them at a small bar in North Dakota and they blew my face off.”; First of all, quit living my life and talking like me. Second, I think we could be friends. Third, you’re totally a music jerk too.

As you’ve probably noticed from past playlists, I’m into a wide range of music and I’m always hoping that there are at least one or two tracks each week that everyone can jam to. Within the last couple weeks, I’ve gotten really into Witch Trap a.k.a. songs with artist names and track lists written entirely in wingdings. I can hardly wait to meet someone new so I can answer the question, “What music are you into these days?” and watch this person, “Cool. Cool. Cool.” with shifty eyes and back away slowly. The reality of life is that being next level means sometimes freaking people out. Do not ĐΣSP∆IR, I’ve made PΣ∆CΣ with it.

This track list doesn’t include any of those Wicca beats but I’m am mixing it up for Wait And Scene Playlist 7 to allow you to listen some other less intense songs that I’ve discovered so far this year. They aren’t all new artists but they’re new to me in 2014 and I hope you’ll hear some things you like. A whole 20 track playlist with artists you may have heard of, but probably not!

Press play, wait ten seconds for the first track to start, and GΣ† DΣΣP IN MY ╫Σ▲D,



Are you feeling up to another Wait And Scene playlist? Well, you got it, dude! Here is a list of ten songs that I’ve been listening to lately; I’ve been digging a lot of really chill, often repetitive, and sometimes weird tracks. To quote a guy I met one night at the Doug Fir Lounge, “Most people just don’t understand the next level tunes that you and I listen to.” He was a real gem (read: good-looking idiot) and he liked interesting music. I dedicate this list of “next level” jams to you, brah.

1) ViLLΛGE Edit of Neon Hitch – Gucci Gucci

I’m sure all of you have heard the original rap-version of Gucci Gucci by Kreayshawn. It is terrible and catchy-as-hell, but this version is way more my speed. Neon Hitch is an English singer currently living in London and ViLLΛGE is an electronic producer from Romania; He’s definitely on my very long list of ‘ones to watch‘.

2) Cyril Hahn Remix of Destiny’s Child – Say My Name

90s me, likely rocking feathered bangs, neon snap bracelets, and a Hypercolor tee, is very pleased with Cyril Hahns incredible remix of this Destiny’s Child classic.

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